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Help your teams have the skills and confidence for the future.

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You proactively want to expand the support for the mental health and wellbeing of your workforce, recognising they need help to successfully navigate the massive changes ahead.

You see adaptable leadership and innovation not just as needed but as a critical competitive advantage that will become evermore valuable through each market shift.

You recognise we are living in a VUCA* world, and invest in the learning and development of your people, through both reskilling and upskilling, to provide relevant and happy career futures, for both your people and your organisation.*(volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity)

You have access; either directly or through your clients, to over 50 employees.

You are committed to invest upfront to gain full access to our AQai platform. Improving your people’s resilience, flexible mindset, and unlearning. Cultivating hope, team support, innovation, and reducing stress.

Discover how easily your teams are able to adapt to circumstances, challenges, and change, in your workplace and in your market.

Some key areas where AQ Analytics can benefit you and your team:

Employee Job change and career augmentation / reskilling & Upskilling.

Set up any number of teams and unlock their truly actionable insights.

Measure ROI on L&D initiatives linked to future-readiness, change and innovation.

Improve employee wellbeing minimizing anxiety and stress, and increasing management & resilience.

Accelerate Innovation initiatives: identifying the right talent from the offset.

De-risk digital transformation / change programs.

Your Pioneer Package Includes:

  • 500 AQme assessments
  • Up to 100 AQteam insight reports (in-platform and downloadable)
  • 1 x AQai Foundation Certification
  • Human on-boarding support for your team
  • A dedicated Client Success Manager
  • 2 x Consultancy Sessions with AQai Founders
  • Exclusive access to pilot future AQ solutions with the AQai team
The exchange is £9,500, save over 50% against list price.

Some of the world's most respected companies trust AQai and are currently leveraging the AQ movement

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