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Access Our Live Masterclass Series

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You are invited to join AQai Learning Labs  as we take a deep dive into adaptability and the sub-dimensions that make up ADAPTABILITY QUOTIENT (AQ), helping you gain mastery over these various interconnected fields.

On the first Wednesday of each month, at 4PM GMT we will explore the depth and breadth of each dimension, and unlock adaptability insights, all guided by an expert in the field. These LIVE 90 MIN TRAINING SESSIONS will take the form of a 30 min presentation where each month’s speaker will share research, tips, and examples to help you expand your knowledge of AQ. Followed by a interactive 30 min Q&A allowing you to fully develop your understanding and deeply engage with our experts

Throughout the series, you will become part of our community of inspired and committed people. Passionate about supporting a brighter and more abundant future for all humankind. Helping you gain a deeper understanding of Adaptability by analysing its constituent parts. Dimensions are the broken down fundamental subsets that, when brought together, describe AQ as more than just a concept. Each dimension is important in its own right, and through developing a thorough understanding of each, we are confident you will leave each session, and the series, with a fuller understanding of Adaptability at all levels. One you can leverage for the growth, impact and betterment of those around you.

For leaders who know the value of adaptability, this series will help you level up the value to your colleagues, teams and clients. If you are motivated to support and help them achieve their goals. If you want to help them successfully navigate change, if you want to be more effective and see your clients succeed. Then invest in your bigger future by saving your seat NOW.

The course is appropriate for followers, practitioners and coaches of AQ. It is our pleasure to share such deep, expert-led knowledge with our wider AQ community - we look forward to seeing your there. 


Sign up now to save your virtual seat in a one-of-a-kind Masterclass series. 

Please note. Expert guests schedules are subject to change and will be confirmed prior to each class.

Raise your resilience - Ross Thornley & Mike Raven
Leveraging improv - Nancy Watt
Expanding Curiosity - Dr. Diane Hamilton
Unlearn - Barry O'Reilly